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3D Printing...and more!


Vedlab is a 3D scanning and printing service company.

We are able to create miniatures, models, prototypes, furnishings, gadgets, accessories and products with different materials, with the aid of CNC machines and latest generation technologies such as 3D printing and 3D scanning, both in full color.



The 3D printer market, especially the compact ones desk, is currently growing with varied and competitive prices. The biggest limitation of these products lies in the fact that the quality and resolution of the prints cannot be considered satisfactory and close to the starting graphic model, mainly because it treats of monochrome prints at low resolution and secondly because the technology behind is much slower and less accurate than the one proposed by Vedlab. The target customers, consisting primarily of private individuals, companies and professionals, such as graphic design studios, engineering and architecture, requires that the models are not only conceptual but also functional and colorful, these characteristics are difficult to reach with “entry level printers”. For these reasons Vedlab decided to acquire the best technology the market can offer in terms of quality, cost and time of printing.

The versatility of the machines and the experience and expertise of the company allow to print all given projects without technical and technological limitation; all 3D files, whatever format used, can always be made. If the file's format should not be compatible with those accepted by default, the company will take care to make a pre-processing to make the files compatible.


Diego Vitale

Co-founder, administration and marketing manager.

Vito Fazio

Co-founder, technical manager.

We Are Specialists in:

3D Printing

3D Scanning

Sales & Service

3D Graphics




3D Printing

3D printing is the evolution of two-dimensional print on paper and creates a real three-dimensional model. Whatever you have in mind we are able to print it : the only limit is ; your imagination!

3D Printing

With the technology of 3D printing, it is possible to create an object designed with a software modeling or even recreate the likeness of an existing item scanned with a 3D scanner.

The Vedlab has several professional printing technologies, ranging from 3D printing in full color that achieves gadgets, models and miniatures (known as Mini Me or Selfie 3D), to printing in different materials such as ABS, PLA, Nylon, Laywood , Bamboofill, etc ... Whatever you think… we are able to print:

  • The only limit is your imagination!


3D Scanning

3D scanning is used to analyze a real object and collect data on its shape and color.

3D Scanning

The Vedlab has professional portable full color 3D scanner with very high scanning speed and accuracy; this tool allows the acquisition of physical objects (both small and large) with texture, then full color. The scanning operation can be carried out at the company headquarters or at the request and by appointment at the location specified by the customer; recommended in all those situations in which one can not move the object to be detected or to have access to areas hardly detectable with other types of 3D scanners.


3D Modeling

3D Modeling and rendering services : We offer advice to clients in the development of 3D models .

3D Modeling

Technical support relating to the creation of 3D models, and in the next step of rendering that, as part of the build process graphics, is the last and most important stage which provides the final appearance to the model.

  • We offer advice to the client for the reverse engineering process, which consists in the creation of a CAD model of a physical object from a cloud points acquired by 3D scanning techniques, such as 3D scanning.



Training courses on 3D printing , the design of the ' object until its release .


  • We provide a range of training courses in the field of 3D printing, from design to realization of the object with the 3D printer.

  • 3D printing is the revolution of creativity and technology so we believe it is essential to train future generations to be able to create and produce.


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